steel bollards

Upswung Industrial Bollards
Stainless Steel and Anti-Ram Rated Bollards

Residental Use Rated Bollards

FAAC J200 F Fixed Bollard
The FAAC J200 F Fixed bollard does not require either invasive laying operations or electric wiring. It is therefore suitable for permanent installations to define residential pedestrian areas or for multiple installations together with other automatic or semi-automatic bollards.

fAAC J200 semi- automatic bollard

FAAC J200 Semi- Automatic Bollard

FAAC J200 SA Semi-Automatic bollard
The FAAC J200 SA Semi-Automatic bollard resolves the problems of transit and/or parking control with no need of electric power supply (particularly suitable for areas difficult to wire). The gas actuator allows it to be lifted automatically with a key

FAAC J200 HA Automatic Retractable Bollard
The FAAC J200 HA Automatic retractable traffic bollard is particularly suitable for controlling vehicle traffic in residential areas. It can be operated by means of commands performed by authorized personnel or by means of automatic commands.