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FAAC J200 SA Semi-Automatic Residential Bollard

FAAC J200 SA Semi-Automatic Residential bollard

FAAC J200 SA Semi-Automatic Residential Bollard
The FAAC J200 SA Semi-Automatic bollard resolves the problems of transit and/or parking control with no need of electric power supply (particularly suitable for areas difficult to wire). The gas actuator allows it to be lifted automatically with a key. It is lowered by pressing the head of the bollard. J200 SA main features are::
1. Power supply and wiring not needed
2. Simple and safe movements thanks to the dedicated release key
3. Kept lock in up position (against accidental release)
4. Very low (and easy) maintenance needed
5. No pit needed: laying and civil works performed in a single operation
6. Easy transport, storage and laying thanks to the limited weight

Semi-Automatic (SA) retractable bollard FAAC J200 SA with non-automatic operations

To delimitate pedestrian areas, parking lots and passages with low vehicular traffic.
The usage of this bollard is suggested where the number of accesses is low, or in combination with automatic and fixed bollards.
This product matches all needs of traffic regulation when connection to main supply is not available. The rising is automatically operated by releasing a gas spring with the supplied key. The descent has to be operated by pressing –with a foot- on the bollard head.
FAAC J200 SA bollards have been designed to minimize the excavation, installation and maintenance operations costs.

The bollard comprises a cylinder with height 600mm, diameter 200mm, made of SJ235JRG2 EN 10277 steel (6mm thick), with surface anti-corrosive treatment in cataphoresis and polyester powder painted, or made of stainless steel AISI 316L (6mm thick) with satin finishing.
The support structure is placed in the foundation together with the cylinder.
All internal fixing frames, employ stainless steel screws, in order to prevent corrosions.

The upraised Cylinder is visible on all environment conditions, having a 25mm high reflecting strip all around the cylinder itself, and LED lights –power unit not supplied-.
Semi-automatic bollard is operated thanks to a gas spring.

The cylinder finishing can be:
– Cataphoresis and polyester powder painted Dark grey metallised
– Stainless steel satin finishing

An LED lights kit can be added to signal the cylinder movement and upraised position.
A pit heater can be added to expand the range of working temperature