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FAAC J200 HA Hydraulic Automatic Residential Bollard

FAAC J200 hydraulic automatic bollard

FAAC J200 HA Automatic retractable Traffic Bollard
The FAAC J200 HA Automatic retractable traffic bollard is particularly suitable for controlling vehicle traffic in residential areas. It can be operated by means of commands performed by authorized personnel or by means of automatic commands. J200 HA main features are:
1. Integrated Hydraulic Unit concept
2. Streamlined product, it can be configured by selecting the desired installation accessories
3. No pit needed: laying and civil works performed in a single operation
4. Simple maintenance (can be performed by a single person)
5. Easy transport, storage and laying thanks to the limited weight
6. Rapid and silent movements

FAAC J200 HA Hydraulic Automatic Retractable Residential Bollard
Pedestrian areas delimitation, reserved parking areas for offices, residential areas, commercial or industrial sites, hospitals, public buildings, campsites, holiday and sport resorts.

The bollard employs a cylinder with height 600mm off ground, diameter 200mm, thickness 6mm made of SJ235JRG2 EN 10277 steel, with surface anti-corrosive treatment in cataphoresis and polyester powder painted, or made of stainless steel AISI 316L with satin finishing.
The support structure is placed in the foundation together with the cylinder.
All internal fixing frames for cables, sensors, etc., employ stainless steel screws, in order to avoid corrosion.
The protection rate, of the hydraulic unit is IP67.
Bollard speed on normal duty:
Rising Time 5s / Lowering Time 7s
The above operation time must be kept constant on defined duty cycle.
Cylinder above ground is visible on all environment conditions, having a 25mm high reflecting strip all around the cylinder itself, buzzer and LED lights (optional) that flash when bollard moves and stay permanently ON when upraised.

Hydraulic drive unit consists of a pump unit, powered by an electric motors (voltage 230AC) able to grant suitable operation.
In case of power failure while the bollard is upraised, the cylinder remains in position. A mechanical valve to unblock –with dedicated key- and lower manually the cylinder is accessible on the cylinder head, but protected by a security screw.
A further safety electro valve (optional) allows the cylinder automatic descent in case of power failure. The same electro valve can be set up to keep the cylinder upraised in case of power failure.

It’s supplied with 230VAC voltage – 50/60Hz.
The control board is external and can manage up to 4 bollards.
It’s Equipped with a built-in dual loop detector and includes programmable logic and provides all commands for normal operation.
To link the bollard and the control board, a 16+1 conductors -min 1,5mm section- cable shall be employed.

Bollard shall be fully operational within following conditions:
Operating temperature -15 °C / +55 °C
Operating temperature with heater (accessory) -25 °C / +55 °C
The cylinder finishing can be:
-Cataphoresis and polyester powder painted Dark grey metallised
-Stainless steel satin finishing

A LED lights kit can be added to signal the cylinder movement and upraised position.
An acoustic buzzer can be added to signal the cylinder movement.
A pit heater can be added to expand the range of working temperature
A safety kit can be added to have:
– a pressure switch to reverse the cylinder movement if an obstacle is found while rising
– an electro valve to automatically lower the cylinder in case of power failure4