steel bollards

Upswung Industrial Bollards
Stainless Steel and Anti-Ram Rated Bollards

Upswung Bolt Down Stainless Steel Bollards
Excellent for access control security installations.
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel has many advantages over paint. Stainless Steel is more resistant to rust than carbon steel and is less likely to  need to be repainted like painted bollards and graffiti  is easily removed with cleaning products.
Bolt Down Bollard
Bolt Down Bollards units are very easy to install. No Inground connections are required which results in large installation savings. Requires no  excavation and can be bolted down to concrete or any solid surface.

FB168/900SS stainless steel bollard

UPS-FB168/900SS and UPS-FB114/900SS Bolt Down Bollard
The Bolt Down traffic bollard is suitable for mixed installations while maintaining the same architectural design. (non-retractable)This type of unit can be bolted down on concrete or any solid surface. It can be used when accesses are limited, or combined with automatic/ semi-automatic version. It solves transit and/or parking problems, at a reasonable cost, without the need for electrical energy.

UPS-FB114/900SS             FB114/900SS Bolt Down Stainless Steel  4.5″ Dia  X 35″ High
UPS-FB168/900SS            FB168/900SS Bolt Down Stainless Steel  6.6″ Dia. X 35″ High