steel bollards

Upswung Industrial Bollards
Stainless Steel and Anti-Ram Rated Bollards

Upswung Automatic Stainless Steel Bollards

Designed to go up or down at the push of a button. Excellent for vehicle access control in security installations.
Why use Stainless Steel? Stainless Steel has many advantages over painted units. Stainless Steel doesn’t much more resistant to rust in the worse of environments. They never need to be repainted like painted units and graffiti is easily removed with cleaning products.
Why Pneumatic? Pneumatics are the easiest type to install, most reliable and a environmentally Green product. All connections are made through simple airlines. All lubricating oil is Food Grade biodegradable oil and the bollard mechanism is a simple pneumatic cylinder activating the unit.

Automatic Stainless Steel Bollards

Upswung A168/900 Automatic Bollard
Our Pneumatics are available in Stainless or Powder-coated steel and have been designed to control access to a site with a high level of security, allowing pedestrian access but blocking the area to road traffic.
Its main features are:
A.  Manufactured from stainless or regular steel with powder coating.
B.  Automatic pneumatic control.
C.  Very high impact strength.
D.  Height above ground: 900mm/ 35.4 inches.
E.  With Red color high intensity LED and reflective tape (optional).
F.   Control box include pneumatic pumps, electronic board, pipes, one control box can control 1~6 bollards.
G.   The easiest of all installations- Simply route airlines to bollards

bollard control cabinet

CP-13  Control Cabinet
W 32″X D 22″X H 29 1/2″

Bollard LED lighting

High intensity LED lights for night visibility

Bollard base plate

Vandal resistant Hardware in Graffiti-proof Stainless


UPS 168/900SS          Upswung  A168/900SS Automatic  Stainless Steel 6.6″ Dia. X 35″ High 

A220/900SS               Upswung  A220/900SS Automatic  Stainless Steel 8.6″ Dia. X 35″ High  

Upswung CP-13         Upswung CP-13 Control Panel operates 6 + units / Required.